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The Birth of “ToIran” | Part III

Going to the Tehran Startup Weekend was an interesting experience and the idea was voted most likely to be chosen and implemented.

I thought that by participating in the Startup Weekend I would be able to  put together a complete team of developers but I quickly realized that developers in Iran either work as freelancers or wish to relocate from Iran which is of course not good for the future of the country nor theirs.  Because even though freelance work appears to be more lucrative, lack of organization and work routine will prevent progress in the long run.

The Startup Weekend experience was good in terms of education and familiarizing me with the work environment in Iran but it also made me realize there are many obstacles in the way of implementing my idea.


After the Startup Weekend, I contacted many of the people on the startup scene in Iran to get help on putting together a good team but because of my perfectionism and the wish to always use the best I didn’t achieve my desired results.

This is why I decided to focus on another part of the team for a while.

I have always had a passion for collecting art and have collected over 300 works of Iranian art so far. I met Hooman Nobakht about 7 years ago when I wanted to purchase two pieces for my art collection.

Hooman Nobakht is one of the best photographers in Iran. He has participated in several international and domestic exhibitions and festivals, and has won several prestigious awards. One of Hooman’s best qualities is his strong sense of patriotism and this love for Iran and Iran’s progress was why he agreed to join the team when I contacted him and told him about my project.

After Hooman Nobakht joined the team, the photography and journalistic part of the team was finally on the right track. But we were still looking to find developers.

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