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Isfahan On Our Minds


1926300_809995172377200_7563933044227793894_o has passed another significant milestone by attending the 1st Europe-Iran Forum in London as a representative of Iran. At the forum, I told attendees I do not know an Iran without sanctions because my generation grew up in a country under heavy Western embargos and does not know what our county would be like without them. We have lived and progressed and moved forward despite these crippling sanctions. My country has so much to offer from culture, art and history to amazing food and warmhearted people. One thing is for certain, it is the world that is missing out on getting to know incredible Iran.


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We started this journey to help the world understand our country and our wonderful people. For us, is not just a company it is the ideology behind our lifestyle. It is not just a platform for us to promote tourism and facilitate travel to Iran, but also a place for cultural work.

The pain of the daughters of Isfahan has broken our hearts and it is because of this that we cannot move on to our story in Shiraz.

There comes a time in a person’s life that they must stand up for their beliefs and what they love and we love Iran and our people. Today, we stand up for the women of our country and stand in solidarity with the daughters of Isfahan.

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  1. Iran is such a wonderful, magical place! I hope to return some day. I appreciate your efforts to help others learn about your country and about your greatest treasure, the people. Think how you’ll soar when the sanctions are gone!
    Let’s work toward that goal!

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