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The Birth of “ToIran” | Part IV


After Hooman Nobakht, Shahhin Kamali joined our team and the photography team started working with the best. Gradually, other photographers came to know us through our social media and began sending us photos from all over Iran. This added unique shots to our photo archives.

We decided to experience Iran for ourselves and we began going on road trips. We started with 10 of the major cities. At the time, we didn’t have a car, a friend lent us his car and Mohammad Ghayati,  Shahin Kamali and I hit the road. We went to Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, Kashan and Abyaneh.

It was an interesting journey but full of lessons and problems we didn’t even know we might encounter. The weather in one city was warm and cold in another, there was a lot to do and while it was a strain on us, we gained a wealth of experience and made unforgettable memories.


We traveled to Tabriz, Mashhad, Qeshm and Kish by plane. In these trips, toiran was very lucky as friends helped us greatly in gathering information. This trip left us energized and hopeful about the path we were on.

The experience we gained from traveling to these 10 cities was hard earned but fruitful. It taught us what to pay attention to, what to look for and it taught us things that we might have neglected in the past.

Our trips continued until the spring, three months had passed since we started the project but we still hadn’t done many things, most importantly we still didn’t have a development team.

It was at this time that Hamid Beiki became aware of our project and was introduced to us by a friend. We started working with him with a contract to design our logo. Since the start of the project, we had had many logos designed and sent to us but when we saw Hamid’s designs, I felt he would be one of our team members. Our views and taste were close and the quality of his work was excellent. Hamid seriously joined the team in March.  We tested some of his proposed logos and finally chose one.

I felt that with a logo, toiran finally had an identity, one that would tell you what it was about when you saw it.

Everything was going smoothly but we still didn’t have a development team and this was a bit worrying.

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  1. Thanks Toiran for sharing your traveis here. I also visited some iranian citeis before.

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