Yazd I love you II

Our team trip to Yazd had gotten off to a great start. Amir Sina, Taraneh, Heidi, Ahang and myself (Farnoush) had had the chance to mix business with pleasure on our first day in the 3,000-year-old desert city.

The 150-year-old house where Qajar girls lounged


Our second day in Yazd we were to check into Silk Road Hotel. it was a pleasant surprise to find out that we would be the first to stay at a newly renovated 150-year-old traditional house that the hotel had recently acquired instead of the old hotel. The house was magical. I could imagine Qajar girls with their thick eyebrows sitting around the pool and waiting for suitors to knock on the door.


Discovering Kohan Hotel in Fahadan and feeling the winds of Isfahan


We decided to take a stroll through Fahadan neighborhood. Here we stumbled upon Kohan Hotel, another traditional house converted into a hotel with a beautiful courtyard, hidden away among the Sabats of Yazd. Amir Sina told the owner about our website and he happily agreed to have his hotel featured on toiran.com. While he gave us a tour of the hotel Ahang took photos of this gem of a house. He took us to room directly under the hotel’s windtower to see how it worked and told us the cool breeze we felt was the wind coming from Isfahan. He  showed us his prized banana tree in the middle of the main hotel courtyard and informed us that it is the only banana tree in Yazd that has borne fruit.


Heydarzadeh Coin Museum


Heidi wanted to visit the Heydarzadeh Coin Museum as it was one of the first places she wrote a news story about and as we needed more pictures for our website. The museum is located in the Arabzadeh mansion a Qajar traditional house with all beautiful Persian stucco decorations.  It was amazing look at all the coins gathered by one collector from 2500 years ago to present.

What a small world!


Being a group of tea lovers, we stopped at the 250-year-old Fahadan  Hotel which is more like a museum and even has a motorcycle from World War II on display. The teahouse manager with his distinctive mustache and black felt hat insisted we take a few photos with him and told us about the history of this traditional house turned hotel and explained that this is the only traditional house in Yazd in which the pool is not at the center of the courtyard.

We were about to leave when we ran into a photographer friend of Heidi’s who was staying at the hotel. What a small world! We invited him to join us for dinner at an Indian restaurant we had heard about and wanted to try the food and perhaps feature on our website.  Owned by the son of a Parsi family, this restaurant had a delicious spread of authentic, spicy Indian dishes that did not disappoint.  Heidi’s friend told us about his recent travels in the Middle East where had gone on assignment to take photos of the aftermath of some of the recent conflicts in the region. Before we knew it was close to midnight but we decided to continue our conversation over tea.


I would do anything for a cuppa!

As we did not have a tea maker at our hotel we began our quest for tea. me must have wandered the city in search of a place to sit and have a cup of tea for at least an hour but all teahouses had closed for the night and in the end we were forced to go back home to sleep before catching an early train back to Tehran.

On the way back to Tehran we decided to go on more quality control trips! Our next destination Shiraz!