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The Birth of “ToIran” | Part VI

We began the next round of road trips. This time we chose Mazandaran. Heidi, Shahin and one of the boys in IT volunteered to go.

We began our trip from the Firouzkouh Road and headed toward Sari, making stops along the way to capture the natural attractions of northern Iran on the way. Locals were extremely kind and were always ready to stop for a quick chat and to point us in the right direction. Often we would receive invitations to their homes to join them for meals.

We arrived in Sari where we met Hamed Tizrooyan, one of the young nature photographers who had been contributing to our project for some time. Hamed is a talented photographer and environmental activist. He accompanied the team in Sari for two days and helped photographing the natural and historical attractions of the city.

>After Sari, we moved on to 10 other cities including Amol, Babol, Babolsar,  Baladeh and Yoush. Every city we stopped in took our breath away with its natural beauty; astounding cities which had each formed and grown in valleys, around waterfalls and near ancient forests. These became some of our fondest memories of northern Iran.

The only thing that marred our experience was the tragic scene of the trees illegally felled in one of the virgin forests we passed through.

The car we used on this trip was Shahin’s car. The car broke down twice while on the road. So decided to buy the team a new car. The car we needed had to be spacious, and suitable for off road trips. We needed a car to help us discover Iran, go on rough roads, travel mountain passes and take us on long distance road trips.  We asked around and finally found a Toyota Fortuner. We got the toiran logo on the car. Now wherever we went people knew who we were, and some would even come and ask us questions. This is exactly what we wanted: to get all Iranians involved in this project.


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  1. Gian Paulo Gonçalves bonaccorsi

    September 10, 2014 — 2:50 pm

    Congrats for the site. Is that photo of Caspian taken from the cable car of Chalus?
    Greetings from Brazil.

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