27th of June (6th of Khordad of Iranian calendar) is the anniversary of “Khordadegan Celebration”.



Zoroastrian Fire Temple in Yazd


Our Zoroastrian ancestors headed to the river bends and sea sides on this day and after praising “Ahura Mazda” (Higher Power), they spent their day with dear ones in the nature, also Lilies and Jasmine flowers were given as part of the ceremony. However, since then, it’s the Lilium Flower which has been the official symbol of this day.



Persian Lilium

Khordadegan Celebration Traditions:

One of the most important traditions on this day is going to the river bends and sea sides accompanied by friends and family, chanting religious benedictions praising “Ahura Mazda” and spending a joyful day.

Some of the activities on this day has been pointed out in the book of “ Farziat Nameh” written by the elder Zoroastrian priest “ Datur Darab Palen” which describes some of the activities on this day including: washing bodies, digging wells and renewing water canals.

Taking great care and attending water reservoirs and rebuilding water sources such as:

Fountains, wells, streams and water canals which are responsible for providing all living creatures on earth with water.