We realized there was a lot of work to be done. No one had ever gathered this information on such a scale before. So either nothing had been done before or the information was outdated or wrong. This meant we had to go to every corner of the country ourselves to gather information.

We decided to once again expand the team. At this time our priority was the development team. Our past experience had proven finding good developers in Iran difficult so we asked Salman to find us new team members.

The resumes Salman passed on to us were what we were looking for. Salman spoke highly of these experienced Back-End and UI developers and said he could guarantee the quality of their work.

I knew we still had a long way to go and needed to work on many things. But the hope I had, motivated me.


We had a great team but we still needed to look for young, talented, and energetic individuals to expand our team, because there was a lot to do and we needed more help.

As Shahin got ready for more road trips, we focused on organizing office work so that we could better sort through the data gathered on trips.

We realized we need to be more active in social media and marketing and become stronger. Social media is an important part of our project because we believe any good project needs a good foundation and a great strategy and this was the reason for our tireless 8-month efforts.  We didn’t want to start like a weak team and then look for solutions to become strong we wanted to start strong.

We placed new ads on our social media platforms to find new people to grow our team. One of the people who came to us through these ads was Omid Mohammadi. He had worked in different technological fields, had knowledge of different gadgets and even had experience in Web Development. He was chosen for his experience in social media and because he was young and energetic. We soon realized we had chosen the right person and continued our online activities with his help.